The Monmouthpedia team

Monmouthpedia is the result of a wide collaboration, including Monmouthshire County Council, volunteers and staff of Wikimedia UK and the Monmouth community. This is the place where we can give everyone the thanks and credit they deserve! Here’s who they are, and their contact details:

John Cummings    (Monmouthpedia Project Lead)

Sam Downie     (Monmouthpedia Project ‘Media + Webcast’ Lead)

Twitter: @samdownie    Website:

Steve Virgin
Board Director & Trustee at Wikimedia UK

Steve has been a Wikimedian and volunteer for the last three years, during which time he has been fortunate enough to have been elected as a Board member for Wikimedia UK. He has worked with fellow Directors to oversee the transformation of the Chapter from when it was created in Manchester in April 2009, to the setting up of a first-ever Wikimedia UK office in London in November 2009, and the recent appointment of four staff.

Steve was the organiser of the Wikipedia at 10 event in Bristol, at which Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales spoke(insert the Jimmy Wales Bristol talks here with links and a sentence of your choosing). He is the lead team organizer for the Bristol 2013 Wikimania bid and has been leading the initial talks between the CIPR/PRCA and Wikimedia UK about common standards of approach in editing Wikipedia across the public relations industry.  Steve led the two-man team that successfully achieved charitable status for Wikimedia UK in a legal-precedent setting decision by the Charities Commission in November 2011.

Monmouthshire County Council

To contact Monmouthshire County Council email

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