The Charles Rolls Multilingual Challenge

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Welcome to the writing challenge for Monmouthpedia. This challenge will run from now until the end of April. Everybody can help, in any language, to collaborate on writing articles related to Monmouth.

UPDATE: LIVE WEBCAST on SATURDAY 21st April, 2012 from 16:45 BST 

On SATURDAY 21ST APRIL from 16:45 – 18:00 BST (GMT +1), Wikimedia UK will be doing a LIVE WEBCAST announcing the winners of this challenge. Here’s the details and webcast link to watch:

Click here to watch the live webcast ]

As we cannot embed the webcast video directly here, please follow the link above to watch the webcast. All live webcasts will be made available online after the event has taken place, via the Wikimedia UK YouTube channel the following week.


How the challenge works

Any Wikipedian with a named account (on any wiki) can participate. Two Wikipedians can form a team and participate jointly: this means you don’t have to be multilingual!

To participate you must sign up on the Users and Points page here. You must include a link to your talk page (it may be on any Wikipedia, but please test the link to make sure it works!).

The challenge is based on a points system, with the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible. Details on barnstars and prizes can be found here.

How to win points:

  • 1 point: 5 new photographs added to Wikimedia Commons relating to Monmouth
  • 1 point: 1 historic photograph added to Wikimedia Commons relating to Monmouth
  • 2 points: a new stub article (100 words of text, with internal and external links)
  • 3 points: a short article improved to Good or Featured Article
  • 4 points: a start article of 400 words
  • 4 points: a start article improved
  • 5 points: a new short article (500 words of text, with internal and external links, inline ref and image)
  • 7 points: a “Did you know?” article
  • 8 points: a new Good Article or Featured Article

Watch the webcasts here, on SATURDAY APRIL 21st, 2012

[ Click here to watch the live webcast ]

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