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  1. The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, and the adjoining Monnow Bridge, were both damaged by fire in the Battle of Monmouth in 1233? 27th December
  2. Captain Walker of HMS Monmouth told his crew to wash “the stain off your characters in the blood of your foes”? 14th January
  3. The oldest working theatre in Wales is said to be the Savoy Theatre in Monmouth18th January
  4. A gravestone in St Mary’s Priory Church in Monmouth says “Here lies John Renie” in 46,000 different ways? 20th January
  5. The Monmouthshire Show was started after John Rolls and the Duke of Beaufort contributed £30 in 1857 to fund it? 20th January
  6. A parishioner at the Methodist Church in Monmouth said she would buy an organ if the minister ever filled the church? 22nd January
  7. Monmouth had one of the highest proportions of Catholics in Wales 20 years before St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church was built in 1793? 23rd January
  8. Monmouth Museum opened in the Market Hall (pictured) six years after a fire partly destroyed the building? 26th January
  9. Three Chartists held at Monmouth County Gaol (pictured) were sentenced at the Shire Hall to be hanged, drawn and quartered in 1840? 28th January
  10. When the 150-year-old Monmouthshire Beacon newspaper moved into Cornwall House (pictured), the new office was opened by Princess Margaret30th January
  11. William Jones bequeathed money to the Company of Haberdashers to found Monmouth School and provide almhouses for people “as blind and lame as it shall seem best to them”? 30th January
  12. The actress Helen Barry, who starred in London and New York, married an ex-Mayor of Monmouth6th February
  13. According to ShakespeareHenry V, who was born in Monmouth, approved of Welshmen wearing leeks in their Monmouth capsSt David’s Day, 1st March
  14. Although St Peter’s Church in Monmouthshire is a Welsh church, in 1920 its congregation decided to join the Church of EnglandSt David’s Day, 1st March
  15. Charles Rolls and early members of the Royal Aero Club used to go ballooning in MonmouthSt David’s Day, 1st March
  16. A former chapel at Monmouth Cemetery is now used as a genealogy centre? St David’s Day, 1st March
  17. Despite being in HerefordshireWyastone Leys hosted meetings of the Monmouthshire Hunt.
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